College Program

The Navy and Marine Corps non-scholarship options allow a student to enroll in the NROTC program via a local NROTC unit. Students must enroll prior to completion of their sophomore year. To continue beyond sophomore year, students must be selected for Advanced Standing status or be awarded a Two Year Scholarship. Advanced Standing status is managed by the Naval Service Training Command and permits a student to continue in the NROTC program for their junior and senior years. This status allows them a monthly stipend and summer training prior to their senior year.

College Program Benefits:

Basic Program (Freshman/Sophomore)

  •  Uniforms
  •  Opportunity to compete for scholarships in a national competition (2ndsemester of freshman and sophomore year)

Advanced Standing (Junior/Senior)

  •  Monthly stipend for junior and senior years
  •  Uniforms 
  •  First Class summer training (before senior year) with pay