Q: Can I participate in NROTC at Yale if I am a student at Yale, but do not have a NROTC scholarship?

A: Yes. Students may join NROTC via what is called the “College Program”. College Program NROTC students participate alongside scholarship NROTC students, the only difference being that they are not on a Navy or Marine Corps scholarship.  College Program students may apply for a three-year or two-year scholarship during their freshman or sophomore year (respectively).

Q: Does acceptance by the NROTC program ensure that I will be able to attend Yale?

A: No. Yale admissions are a separate process from NROTC admissions. In order to join Yale NROTC, students must apply and gain admittance through the normal admissions process at Yale.  That said, being accepted by NROTC admissions is one more accomplishment to place in your Yale application package.  If you receive an NROTC scholarship after you send in your Yale application, we can help ensure that the Yale admissions office knows that you have a NROTC scholarship.

Q: I was awarded a scholarship at a different NROTC unit. Can I transfer the scholarship to Yale?

A: Probably. When you apply for a NROTC scholarship, you list your top five schools. If you receive an NROTC scholarship, but are not accepted to any of your top five schools, the NROTC admissions office can help you change your school choice in an effort to use your scholarship at a different school.

Q: Are Naval ROTC and Marine Corps ROTC separate programs at Yale?

A: No. The Yale NROTC unit consists of Marine Corps and Navy students. They are integrated into the same unit, take many of the same Naval Science classes, participate in extracurricular military activities together, and during the summer attend many of the same training cruises.  There are some differences so please call or email us for more details.

Q: Do I live in the same dorm rooms as other Yale students?  Do I eat in the same dining facilities as other Yale students? Can I participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams, student groups and organizations?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yale NROTC students are fully integrated with non-NROTC students.  Many have been varsity athletes, and others have been participants and leaders in various organizations at Yale. NROTC encourages participation in the Yale community.

Q: Do NROTC commitments conflict with academic requirements?

A: Very rarely, and when they do, we ensure academic requirements are the priority. For example, the Yale NROTC unit conducts physical training on Wednesday mornings.  If you have an early class on Wednesday, you may be excused to depart physical training early, so you can shower and get to your class without being tardy. Our priority is to ensure that you meet all academic requirements so you will graduate as scheduled from Yale, and be commissioned as an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.

Q: Can I study abroad?

A: Yes. There are many opportunities, and Yale funding and Navy funding to study abroad (during the summer and the academic year).  Yale NROTC students have studied or been in programs in Turkey, Scotland, Spain, China, Brazil, Croatia, England, India and Portugal. Also, Project GO is a popular program.  Planning ahead is the key to ensure it is possible to study abroad while meeting all Yale and NROTC academic requirements.