Student Life Photos

Midshipmen in NROTC are actively involved in various on and off-campus activities such as athletics, volunteering, clubs, teams, political unions, and religious groups. Here we showcase midshipmen playing sports, having fun at summer cruise, and enjoying the full extent of events at Yale.

MIDN Tanaka, Klein, Bruning, Coli, Fern and Calvert enjoying some sushi while on liberty in San Diego

MIDN Bliek and SSgt Pankratz having fun during Yale Women’s Rugby practice

MIDN Frimmet playing the flute with the Yale Precision Marching Band

MIDN Sorensen in action during a rugby game with the YRFC

Men's Lightweight Crew

MIDN Markert competing with the Yale Men’s Lightweight Crew Team

MIDN Thomason posing with the “Pope” with the Yale Catholic Center

MIDN Markert and Jones (1st and 4th from the right) on the Lightweight Crew Team

MIDN Yang with the broomball IMs after a Branford victory

MIDN Back crossing the finish line of a triathlon

MIDN Murphy and Yang having a fun climbing workout

MIDN Plant with her lacrosse team

The Class of 2022 at the Yale Club of San Diego during CORTRAMID West

MIDN Back with the Triathlon Team

MIDN Bliek and Yao after rugby practice